Niza & German – Engagement

Elgin, Texas, is known for sausage, but after spending some time there for Niza and German’s engagement shoot, I think the small town deserves recognition for its architecture as well. The train tracks and cactus plants against a backdrop of rustic brick walls made for an excellent setting for engagement photos – even more when we stumbled upon the words “the right time” painted above a door. Niza and German were so much fun, too, laughing throughout our trek through town. I can’t wait to shoot their wedding this summer.

6 thoughts on “Niza & German – Engagement

  1. WOW ANDREW!!! These pictures are amazing! Niza and German, you guys look awesome! Thank you for taking such wonderful care of them Andrew!

  2. Well, I don’t have to do much when my models are so naturally photogenic. You are a fun couple to take pictures of. Thanks for letting me be a part of you special day. See you this July.

  3. Nice, shoot guys,
    You’re just missing the logo “All aboard!” -and how bout a foto of those Guinea Hens on the chase,
    Just kidding
    :LOve Papi

  4. These photos were gorgeous.

    The “subjects” were beautiful people,
    complimented by artistic, imaginative

    Congratulations to both the couple
    and the Photographer.
    Blanca, – a friend of Greg/s and Nery’s in

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