Katie + Bryan – Sneak Peek

Just got back from shooting Katie and Bryan’s wedding in Minneapolis. What a place. What a couple. What a wedding. The weather was beautiful (nowhere near 100 degrees like it is in Texas). Although the overcast sky caused a bit of worry about rain because of the outside ceremony, it made for nice photos.

Katie and Bryan love baseball, and I love hotdogs, so we caught a Twins game at the new stadium a few days before the wedding, then returned with the bridal party the day of. We almost made it inside the stadium thanks to an eager TV news reporter willing to pull some strings in hopes of interviewing the couple, but in the end, we stayed outside, where we met a mascot and got a photo with the bride, and the wedding party tried to fit into a golden glove statue. More photos coming soon. For now, here’s a peek:

2 thoughts on “Katie + Bryan – Sneak Peek

  1. Absolutely love this photo at the stadium….can’t wait to see the rest! Thank you again for coming to the wedding and being so willing to take all the pictures. Please visit us again when you can relax and have fun in Minnesota!!!

  2. Thank you, Andrew! These pictures are such a treat. So much fun. It was really great to have you there with us to celebrate and document all the excitement. Come back any time!

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