Niza + German – The Wedding Day

Here are a few of my photos from Niza and German’s wedding in July. Click here to view all the wedding day images.

Because I’ve already raved about their wedding, I’d like to take this opportunity to share a little bit more about my editing process.

Before I make any edits to the actual photos, I go through every single one of the hundreds of images I shoot and rate them in a program called Adobe Lightroom. This program has saved me hours of time because the software is made specifically for high-volume editing, whereas otherwise I’d be opening and closing each file individually. Saving time means saving my customers money. And it means more time for actually editing photos.

Once I rate the photos, I pull up all of those rated two stars and above. (To get even more technical, two stars and above mean the photos will end up in the online gallery, three and above rank an appearance in the photo book, four stars mean they’ll show up in a blog entry like this one, and five stars make it to the “Sneak Peak.”)

All photos in the online gallery (usually 200 to 300 or even 600 for a wedding) get basic edits. This means adjusting images for contrast and color, and cropping to perfect composition.

Images that go into a photo book get the full Andrew Nenque Photography artistic photo-editing treatment. This includes darkening backgrounds to bring out subjects, sharpening and soft-focusing parts of the image, removing blemishes, converting to black and white, adding texture or color effects. Because this process is so time-consuming and requires an artistic touch, photo books are priced in part on how many images go into the book.

Images that are printed either on canvas or professional-grade paper also get this treatment, with an added service of making sure the image fits with the particular size. I recently purchased and began printing on a professional large-format Epson fine art printer. Doing my own printing has significantly decreased my cost of production on both fine art prints and poster-sized art prints, and gallery-wrapped canvas prints, which allows me to offer clients professional-quality prints for a lower price. (New prices to be posted soon.)

Most clients get to see their online gallery within two weeks of the event or shoot. The photo book takes a couple more weeks, and prints can be done at any time immediately after an order is placed. As always, if you have any questions about this process or anything else, please email me at photo (at) or call me: 512-203-6849.

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